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Specialized medical services

Southern Horizon Healthcare offers a variety of medical services to help see you through the care you need.

Southern Horizon Medical Services

We offer a variety of medical services to help see you through the care you need

  • Adolescent and Adult health issues including diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure management
  • Joint aspirations and corticosteroid injections excluding back and deep hip
  • Ankle-brachial Index testing
  • Blood draw and testing, with some services provided by our in-house lab including: CBC, fasting lipid panel, hemoglobin A1c, urine pregnancy, rapid strep, rapid influenza, rapid mono, UA, and urease breath testing for H. pylori
  • Cryotherapy for small warts
  • Concussion management and impact testing
  • Intravenous fluid administration
  • Non-surgical sprain and fracture care
  • Spirometry testing
  • Suturing
  • Mobile Ultrasound service including echocardiogram
  • Women’s issues including PAP/GYN exams
Southern Horizon Aesthetic Services

Our office offers an array of aesthetic services which include:

  • Laser hair reduction
  • Laser treatment for small vessels and hyperpigmented lesions
  • Photofacials
  • Chemical peels and mask and fillers
  • Acne treatment
  • PCA products
  • Botox injections and HA injectable fillers
Southern Horizon Sports medicine

Sports Medicine

Our care ranges from Pre-participation physicals to advanced treatment of non-surgical sports injuries. Our clinic cares for adolescents and adults with a range of orthopaedic conditions and sports-related injuries.